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                About us

                Shanghai Chemrole Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and customer oriented company specializing in the import and export business of chemical products. We provide best service to world-wide customer with our advanced technique and marketing personnel, OEM plants and efficient logistics. ....

                Contract synthesis and R&D

                Shanghai Chemrole Co., Ltd. lays great stresses on the development of new products. Taking quality suppliers as resource centers (rentable resources and the powerful supports from suppliers) and adopting instructions of experts all over the world, we have successfully hundred kinds of new products for customers in different fields in the world. Under the supports of contract R&D, we develop our business and help lowering risks and costs for our customers all around the world. ...

                Main Products

                Contact us

                Shanghai Chemrole Co., Ltd.
                Add: Room 201, NO.6,Lane 299,Bisheng Road,Pudong, Shanghai,201204, China
                Tel: +86-21-50278900
                Fax: +86-21-50278958 50278968
                Email: sales@chemrole.com